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Marcia Zubradt-Cheevers

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Now Available: 

by Cindy Chicoine

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Author Cindy Chicoine and her book

Signing event at Beaverdale Books.

  Thank you for the advice and direction you gave me while preparing Life With My Wife for publication. The layout of the chapters and the integration of the pictures, along with the cover design and the back of the book, make it a very attractive product.
Thanks again,
Roger Stoner 
(an Imperfect Man)


* An additional word about submissions: Be patient!

We receive many queries and/or submissions here at Shapato Publishing, mostly by email, and make every effort to answer all of them. However, emails can sometimes get lost. If you haven't heard back within a month, please feel free to contact us again and ask about the status of your query/submission.

Don't be in a rush, and please, don't be snarky. Recently I received a second email from a gentleman that went like this:

"HI,  About 3 weeks ago I sent a similar email to you but got no response.????"

I went back through my emails and found his original message, which had been sent to me 10 days earlier, not 3 weeks. Writing back, I explained that most publishers take anywhere from 1 to 3 months to reply to queries and 3 to 6 months, often longer, to reply to submissions. I congratulated him on finishing his manuscript, but told him I didn't feel we'd be a good fit to work together. (His general impatience, combined with the rather scolding tone of his second email convinced me of this, though I didn't say it.) I also directed him to another indie publisher, in Wisconsin, one with a good reputation for guiding first-time authors, and I wished him the best.

Almost immediately I received yet another email from him, and this time he thoroughly chewed me out for several perceived slights, as well as my lack of appreciation that he had "selected" me for the honor of seeing his finished work, and for my not recognizing what a wonderful person he is.

What could I say? The answer was: nothing. I gave no reply, not wishing to be drawn into an online argument with anyone, and especially not with someone so quick of temper.

But I do want to say this: If you are an author and want to be treated like a professional, then act like a professional. When you're submitting your work to any publisher, or even just sending an initial query letter, don't start out by being a diva.

To do so is a certain path to literary oblivion.

Jean Tennant
Shapato Publishing, LLC

Now Available!

Marcia Zubradt-Cheevers

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SHAPATO PUBLISHING would like to see your submissions for fiction and nonfiction. If you have something to submit, please contact us at: or

Jean Tennant





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